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Some STC work, odds & ends, dancing, and throwing her off...

I put some time in working on STC stuff today—updating the orientation sign-up, updating the events calendar to reflect our Service NC State event being on Friday now instead of Saturday, and devising some fresh content for our home page, which I then sent to Jen.

I cleared off the paper piles from my kitchen table, did two very small loads of laundry, and ran to the grocery store for a few things for dinner.

Robert and I worked on an Indy crossword puzzle, and we slipped in a half-hour nap before leaving for dancing.

At the ATM machine, a girl from behind my car asked us if we had any jumper cables. I did, but we ended up not helping her for two reasons: 1) We wanted to be at Flex within the next 10 minutes for dancing, and 2) I'm very leery about any kind of scenario around an ATM machine right after withdrawing $100.00.

I did think about it a lot when we first got to Flex—waffling back and forth between: we should have helped our fellow (wo)man and we did the safest thing.

Dancing was fun tonight. We hung around for quite a while after dancing, and then went over to CCs.

I witnessed a very interesting chat between Shawn Daddy and someone from his past—a guy who used to live in Knoxville, TN when he did, too.

Toward the end of the evening Greg, the singer, came around the side of the piano from which I was belting the songs I knew along with them at the sing-along piano bar, put the microphone aside, and said, "Could you sing a little quieter? You're throwing us off."
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