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Irritated with work, a pizza bar, and swaying to the music...

I went into the office today, rescheduling my work week specifically to attend a meeting from 4:00–5:00 today.

I got to the meeting at just before 4:00, and when the person who called the meeting wasn't there by 4:10, I got up and left. So much for calendar integrity and leadership by example.

I thought I had everything I needed for dinner, but once home decided I wanted some coleslaw, and ran to the grocery store to get some.

We had a "pizza bar" for dinner tonight—not a pizza buffet. I put out a choice of chopped onions, crushed pineapple, bacon slices, sliced ham, and sliced chourico to add to a CPK Five Cheese & Fresh Tomato pizza. After it was cooked, I added sliced jalapeños to mine. Yummy!

And after running out specifically to get it for dinner, I totally forgot to put out the coleslaw. The mind is the first thing to go.

I enjoyed dancing tonight.

I was struggling with the dance to Rose Garden again tonight—the last time we did it, it had been so long since we'd done it that I'd forgotten some steps in the middle and just couldn't get them back—but about a third of the way into the song tonight, I stopped thinking about the steps and just let my body do what it knows, and voilà.

We did the partner dance, Schottishe, tonight, which we also haven't done in quite a while, but it came right back to me. Yay! 
Tags: bar talk, dancing, exercise, ibm

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