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mm4mm, the gay weatherman (you think?), and a heady read...

This is a fascinating look into the mind of one married man seeking same for discreet play.

I've heard absolutely no buzz over this year's Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and evidently, ticket sales start tomorrow. I was looking at my calendar for a possible beach weekend and looking at the weekend of the 11th, thought, "Hey, this is the weekend over which the film festival is usually going on."

To that end, I checked the web site to see if it was perhaps not being held this year, as I know the Carolina Theater was being renovated. It's been moved toward the end of the month, August 23rd–August 26th.

I briefly glanced through the films, and only two, so far, would make my "definitely want to see" list: Outing Riley and Back Soon.

I worked at home, or more accurately from Helios, today, where I completed my edit of Shruti's latest document.

Oh my god. This is hysterical to me: THE ORIGINAL COCKROACH VS. WEATHERMAN

I started reading Connection on the Ice: Environmental Ethics in Theory and Practice tonight, taking some notes as I went along.

I met Joe and Chris (zinnian) at Flex tonight. Joe and I got there first, and we played a couple of games of pool before Chris arrived.

Some time in the middle of the evening, an adult beverage in the form of Goldschlager shots appeared, and then, before you knew it, we were in Legends watching Raven do a somersault.
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