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"I Say a Little Prayer," Lunch with friends, STC productivity, and predestination...

I had no idea Aretha was ever this thin:

Last night I had one of my life-long recurring dreams that I haven't had for a while: I'm supposed to be in class, but I haven't been to it in a while—long enough that in real life I would have been dropped from the class. I'm in the building where the class was being held the last time I attended, but I can't remember the classroom number, what part of the building it was in, or even which floor it was on. The entire dream is a manifestation of angst.

I worked from home this morning, and went into the office this afternoon.

I met Will, E-Ching, Courtney, and Milton for lunch at Piper's in the Park. It was nice to catch up with everyone.

Oh, and what to my surprise do I find at the corner of Alexander Drive and Miami Blvd?  Another Sheetz!  Flying out to Austin, I was as surprised to see that there's one at the airport now, too.

I met Chris (zinnian) at Helios, where we did some people-watching as witnessed by his blog entry, complete with photos.

I composed a crossword puzzle for the August '07 edition of our STC newsletter, and made a request from the other officers, and two of the MS in Tech Com faculty to "usability test" it.

I wrote my President's Pen article for the August '07 edition of the STC newsletter. I've yet to write my article on my attendance at The STC 54th Annual Conference.

I read more of what I'm now thinking of as "the masterpiece of predestination."
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