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Austin Trip—Day 3

We slept in this morning after the big, successful, pahtee last night, and we started the morning off with a little hair of the dog—mimosas.

We rode out to Rob's and Jennifer's lake house in Wimberley. The ride was pretty, and their lake house was so nice. Here's a shot in the backyard looking down toward the river:

We walked down there, but didn't swim as it was a little too muddy after the recent heavy downpour. We returned to the porch and had a round of adult beverages.

Irene, Susan, Rob, and Jennifer went into the house and continued to imbibe all afternoon while talking. I just had one beer, and worked outside on my blog most of the time.

I tried a scan of wireless networks, and I actually found one named Ashes at thre [sic] Blanco River. I connected to it, but the signal was not strong enough to use.

When Rob stepped outside at one point to check on me, I told him about it, and he said, "Oh, that must be my neighbor's network, the Ashes, right next door there. Try moving around front," he said, and I moved to a passthru area of his place, where I could see the Ashe's house. It connected.

He was as excited about it as I was, and he said, "I bring my laptop up here sometimes.  Lindsey(his daughter) is going to be thrilled to hear this." When my connection to wral.com completed, I saw the headlines, "Tammy Faye Messner Dies at 65."

Dead at 65 years old; dead at 65 pounds. I am extremely ambivalent about Tammy Faye, but I like this picture of her.

I uploaded the Thursday and Friday entries of my blog, and caught up on my LJ friends' journals, and other websites that I check regularly, such as TPFD, onesentence.org, and PostSecret. My favorite PostSecret postcard this week is:

When it was time to go, I volunteered to drive—since I'd only had one beer and that was about four hours earlier when we had first arrived. I drove Rob's and Jennifer's Mercedes Benz home. Sweet driving. Reminded me of my BMW days.

We listened to some old, old music on the way back, and sang such songs as: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, One Less Bell to Answer, Arthur's Theme ("If You Get Caught Between the Moon and New York City"), and I'll Never Fall in Love Again. Bless our aging messes.

Back at the house, Irene, Susan, and I had a mini-feeding frenzy—all on leftover hors d'oeuvres from the party, including some cubed cheeses, breads, a spinach-pimento cheese and cream cheese (I think) concoction (which was delicious again tonight), chips and dip (Harry & David Onion & Pepper Relish & cream cheese), and some garlic shrimp. I had a bourbon and diet with mine.

After dinner, Susan and Irene both napped, and I blogged, surfed, and had a short instant message conversation with Robert, who to my delight, checked in before calling it a night.  

I enjoyed the quiet time, listening to Wynonna's Wynonna, Eva Cassidy's Songbird, and a shuffle of iPod > Music > Artist > Dolly Parton > Van's Greatest Hits.

It started getting a little buggy with the time, as at 9:30, they were still asleep. It was approaching bedtime for me, and they'd probably be getting up at any time.

I'm ending this entry now, and heading up to my bedroom. I'll set my alarm for 7:30 tomorrow, as I'm supposed to be in the IBM Austin office between 9 and 9:30. Irene and I haven't firmed up any time to get up or leave, but I'm sure it'll all work out in the morning.
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