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Picture everything, conference prep, renewed driver's license, and some trip shopping...

This is quite interesting and quite the endeavor: The Picture of Everything. Try the "Character Key," by clicking over a portion of the picture and then hovering over the results of that.

I met with Clyde and my sister today to finalize our 2007 NC Teaching Fellow Junior Conference presentation called, "Are you IN or are you OUT?" Clyde drove here from Greensboro, and we drove together to Wilson, where we met my sister in the Wilson County Public Library in downtown Wilson.

We asked for a conference room in which to work, and they were very accommodating. I also asked if they had wireless access throughout the library, and she said, "Yes, we do, but we ask that you run upstairs and 'sign in' that you'll be using the service. It helps with our funding if we can show that people are using the service."

At the end of our meeting, I went back out to ask if they had a VCR that we might use to preview a tape we were thinking about using during our presentation. As she started to answer, she said, "Oh, I forgot to ask you before, are you guys working on something that you're going to make money off of?"

I assured her that we weren't, and she indicated that they did have a VCR, and then once again funding (and perhaps just the very tip of that ugly iceberg called bureaucracy reared its ugly head) dictated that we fill out a short "contract" showing that we were using the equipment.

We stopped for a "quick bite" before leaving town, which turned into a waiting nightmare as our orders "didn't get in the system." We waited at least 30 minutes for two hamburgers and some soup and salad to come out, while the party of six that sat down after us were well into their meals before ours finally arrived.

The waiter apologized profusely. The manager stopped by in a tizzy. And in the end, we got coupons for three free appetizers or desserts. Pffft.

I ran to the post office to put a small package in the mail to a very special person on N. Buchanan Blvd. in Durham, and on the way out, poked my head into the DMV to see what the waiting list looked like. There was none.

I squinted through the eye test, and with no doubt, this will be the last time I pass one without my glasses, especially since this license is good until 2015. I'll probably have cataracts by then.

On the way out of there this young girl—as young as she looked, she had to have turned 16 yesterday or today—was just bawling her eyes out in the hallway outside the main area. Her mother had her arms around her and was trying to comfort her.

Obviously, she had just flunked the road test, and was thinking about all of those friends whom she had excitedly told she was heading down to the DMV to get her license, that she now would have to face with reality that sucks. It really did seem like the end of the world to her.

2.5 hours is too long for a virus scan to take. I'm just saying...

I did some shopping for food supplies to take on the trip to Virginia Tech tomorrow: bottled water, orange juice, muffins, grapes, cheesy-chips, and string cheese.

I separated the grapes into 6 separate bags (Baggies), and did the same with the chips. Good to go.
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