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Dolores' brother, hanging out at Helios, a Taste of Thai, and music videos night...

What If We Both Listen for a While?

Dude: I'm sorry. I feel like I'm talking too much.

Chick: It's okay—I like to hear you talk.

Dude: Well, I like to hear you listen.

—9th & 2nd

via Overheard in New York, Jul 13, 2007

I like the ambiguity of voice in this. Is he sincere, and really appreciates that she listens? Or is he sarcastic, and prefers that she doesn't speak?

I checked my IBM e-mail this morning to find out that my manager's brother died last night. He had Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease—a disease with facts like this associated with it:
  1. It's a rare, degenerative, invariably fatal brain disorder.

  2. It affects about one person in every one million people per year worldwide; in the United States there are about 200 cases per year.

  3. About 90 percent of patients die within 1 year.

  4. In the early stages of disease, patients may have failing memory, behavioral changes, lack of coordination and visual disturbances.

  5. As the illness progresses, mental deterioration becomes pronounced and involuntary movements, blindness, weakness of extremities, and coma may occur.
I'm pretty sure she said he was diagnosed three months ago.

I sent an e-mail to my manager's manager asking him for my manager's home address so that I can send a sympathy card. He's just been announced as my second-line manager, and doesn't yet have access to his employees' (of which my manager is one) personnel records, so he forwarded my request on to my third-line manager.

I stopped by the shopping center at Avent Ferry and Gorman, and bought three sympathy cards. I bought three because:
  1. They're quite generic in terms of the relationship between the intended recipient and the deceased.

  2. I like the sentiment.

  3. The price was right.

I spent a few hours at Helios blogging, catching up on the news, and starting a crossword puzzle.

Joe checked in at about 3:30, and we made plans to have dinner at Taste of Thai at 5:00.

I went home, he arrived at my house at about 4:15, and we left for the restaurant at 4:40. According to its hours, it didn't open until 5:00, but we were there at about 4:50, and there were already a couple of people eating in there and we were seated.

We split a shrimp appetizer, and a house salad came with each of the entrees Joe and I chose. To me, the salad was by far the best part of the meal.

I had the Pad Thai made with chicken, and it was good, but not great. It wasn't as good as I remember it being the one only other time I've ever eaten there. I boxed half of it for a late-night snack after the bars.

Joe and I met at Flex at 9:30 for show tunes and music videos. We played two games of cut throat pool with (Sadlack's) David.

Carl and Bill came out, which is a first—to me at least; I've never seen them out on a Friday night ever. I spent most of the night talking with them, while Joe talked with Ryan most of the evening.

I spoke briefly with "Ken" (I don't know his last name). He's out every once in a while, and I know he's into investing, so I asked him what his latest venture was. He is seriously considering buying one of the Velvet Cloak Villas. If his quote of the prices are correct, they don't seem like a bad deal. I have an e-mail into them requesting a price sheet.
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