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Vivian visits, eggs, STC@NCSU represented @ the STC-Carolina, and the ultimate chapter...

My sister and I each had a hard-boiled egg for breakfast. We had a few left over, so we built some "egg art":

A favorite www.onesentence.org entry:

little c

I should have been watching the intersection instead of the light.

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2007-07-13 10:25:33 / Rating: 3.75 /

My sister arrived at about 9:15, and after breakfast, we spent until about 3:00 working on our presentation for the NC Teaching Fellow Junior Conference on July 29th.

We got a lot done, had lots of laughs, and managed a killer lunch of shrimp-bacon-and-cocktail-sauce-cream-cheese appetizers and just cold-boiled shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce. Yum!

She left at around 3:00 with directions to Cameron Village for a little shopping spree before her departure from Raleigh back to Greenville.

I looked at some STC stuff in preparation for the STC-Carolina Community's Vision Day meeting that I attended this evening from 6:00-8:00.

I met Sarah, our STC student community advisor, there, and I was glad that we had representation at the meeting. I think it's going to increase and facilitate our interactions this year, which will be nothing but a benefit to both of our communities.

I picked up Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister in bed thinking I was at the penultimate chapter. As it turned out I was actually at the preantepenultimate chapter.

Done. So, what did I think?
  • Glad I read it.

  • Wouldn't re-read it.

  • Couldn't "heartily" recommend it to anyone else.

  • After having read Wicked, and this one, not too inclined to read another Gregory Maguire book.

  • If I were to read another one, I would probably opt for Son of a Witch, as it's a sequel to Wicked.

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