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Window or aisle, errands, a search for myself, some podcasts, and reading...

After all the years I've been flying, today I changed my seat preference from window to aisle.
Poll #1019440 Window or Aisle?

This momentous occasion means:

A. After almost 30 years of flying, the "magic" of take off and landing has finally diminished.
B. You need that aisle room to stretch out your leg because of that old soccer knee injury.
C. It's easier to get up when you need to use the restroom, which happens a little more frequently now.
D. B & C
E. All of the above.

Yu-Gi-Oh: I'll Play One Card Face Down, and This Fag Hag In Defensive Mode

Asian girl: I can't believe you blocked me from Galen.

Hawaiian boy: Well, he's bisexual, so he's fair game to both of us.

Hipster girl observing, to boy: But he asked her first. You totally cock-blocked your fag hag. You can't cock-block your fag hag!

—12th & 1st

via Overheard in New York, Jul 10, 2007

On the way home from work, I stopped at the post office, where I bought 17 2-cent stamps to go with 17 39-cent stamps I found in my desk drawer at work. The only good thing about the wait in line was that there was the hottest guy in front of me. I mean, if you go for that sort of thing.

I got in line, because it was short, at the DMV to take a chance on getting my driver's license renewed real quick. After 10 minutes, the line didn't move—at allI left.

At Family Dollar, I bought two greeting cards for $.50 each. Yeehaw!

At Food Lion, I saved 41% on a $41.17 order. Woohoo!

This is so representative of IBM and its contractors:

I was in a little bit of a tizzy here today, as I finally checked the expiration date of my passport, which I've seen on and off in the "Legal" folder in my file cabinet, which is where it should be, only to find out that it is my expired passport.

A ridiculous search for the valid one ensued, through:
  1. the "Travel" folder in the top drawer of my filing cabinet
  2. the "Vacation" folder in the same drawer
  3. random folders in the second drawer
  4. my "briefcase"
  5. my downstairs computer desk drawer
  6. my downstairs table desk drawers
  7. my upstairs desk drawers
  8. (back into my filing cabinet) the three bottom drawers, which are all "throw-junk-in-here-until-you-file-it-later drawers
  9. the stack of papers and folders still left on my kitchen table
  10. the stacks of stuff of my washer and dryer
  11. the stack of junk on a precarious three-legged, round table (that kind that is made out of what feels and looks like particle board, and you buy one of those drape-type table cloths to throw over it) that mostly has computer-related CDs and grad school assignments and readings on it
  12. the stuff on my dresser drawer and stereo cabinet
  13. the dresser drawers
  14. (and finally) all of the shelves on my two side-by-side bookshelves—between and around books, CDs, audiobooks, picture albums, loose pictures, received greeting cards worth keeping, notebooks, and other odds and ends.
As I said, "Ridiculous!"

I walked at Carmichael for an hour tonight, during which time I listened to the following podcasts:

NPR: Story of the Day
Ruth Reichl: Favorite Food Memoirs
Bald Eagles Viewed Differently in Alaska
Older Recruits Seek to Prove Their Fighting Form
Beer Industry Calls for Kegs (very interesting!)
How do Washington's Monuments Measure Up?
NASA's First "Educator Astronaut" Scheduled to Fly (very interesting!)
Brandi Carlile Goes Straight for the Gut (I purchased her CD, The Story, after listening to this podcast.)

Beware of Diet (very interesting, if not totally discouraging in terms of dieting)
Down With Plutocrats
McCain Drain
The Great Corn Con (abandoned this one)
The Mixing Desk on The Sound of Starbucks (abandoned this one)
The Old College Try
True Believers

I almost finished Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister tonight.  They're finally at "the Ball," and if I'm not mistaken, somebody's about to lose a "glass slipper."
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