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Postcards from the edge, a decomposing carcass, draining issues, and being mostly social...

Two of my favorites from this week's PostSecret blog:

The opening blurb in a Hal Crowther story in the July 4 issue of The Independent:

The Bush administration is a cadaver decomposing on America's doorstep—yet no one will take responsibility for it, no one will give it a decent burial, no one even has the courage to step over it and try to get on with a nation's decent business.

While I was in a line that was being managed by a man sitting at a table and organizing little cards with our names on them—which he had managed to drop and was trying to reassemble—I stepped around the corner to use a restroom, which was at the exit of a cafeteria not unlike K&W, C&H, or K&S.

I was leaning against the frame of a stall that was next to the urinal area, and about halfway through my business in there, it dawned on me that I was peeing on the red, clay, 5-inch square, tiles on the floor in front of me. There wasn't a urinal in sight.

I finished and then walked over to wash my hands, and in doing so passed by a man who was sitting on the toilet in the stall whose door was wide open. He looked up at me as I walked by, and I was glad that I had decided to wash my hands.

I turned on the faucet and reached over for some soap, at which time I noticed that not only wasn't there any soap, but there weren't any paper towels or any hand-drying device—and then most disturbingly of all—no sink. The water from the faucet was just pouring out onto a wooden bench-like area that was under the faucets.

This is what I woke up to this morning. Dreams. What's it all about, Alfie? Draining issues, evidently.

I made coffee this morning, and Robert and I each fended for ourselves for breakfast. I had waffles, and he ended up with a ham sandwich.

I didn't realize it until he left, but after breakfast he had emptied my dishwasher. I so appreciate that!  Just earlier, when I was in the kitchen, I groaned to myself thinking about how I did not feel like doing that chore.

I met Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt at Helios at about 2:15, where I had planned to do some IBM editing, but never quite got 'round to it.

Only Suzanne and I showed up for book club out at the Barnes & Noble at Southpoint. I really don't like meeting there—the seating area is small, it's always so crowded, and starting 15 minutes before closing we get an ear blast every 2 minutes that the store will be closing in t-minus-n minutes and counting.

At 7:30, Sharon called to tell us that it just then dawned on her (in the middle of dinner with her family) that we were meeting tonight (at 7:00), and that she was on her way.

Suzanne and I had great one-on-one time (no surprise), and Sharon was a delightful addition once she arrived. We knew Mary wasn't coming; Janet was a no-show, no-call—perhaps she is still in Canada.

Once again, being the Mostly Social Book Club, we didn't discuss books, except to note where everyone was in our current one:
  • I finished a couple of weeks ago, as I should have, since it's my book. Unfortunately I've already forgotten most of the characters' names, and a good portion of the plot.

  • Suzanne still hadn't obtained the book (in the Chapel Hill library, there's only one copy that was due back on 7/3, but still hasn't been returned),

  • Sharon started the book last month, but hasn't picked it up since the last time we met,

  • Mary had the book before leaving on vacation, and plans to read it while she's gone, and

  • We have no idea where Janet is in terms of getting a copy of, or reading, the book.
This update brought to you by, "Could it be any more obvious why they're the mostly social book club?"
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