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One Sentence favorites, new nonsense at work, and converting a voice mail message to a sound file...

Today I noticed that the tags can sometimes act as "meta-information" in these postings. This is particularly true of the first one here. Four of my recent favorites from One Sentence:

Dearly Defeated

On the other side of that door, just moments ago, I heard my life getting that much more screwed up.

tags: sex relationships roommates problem [add]

2007-07-03 17:15:22 / Rating: 13.25 /


You never wrote back, and today I stopped expecting you to.

tags: e-mail breakup relationship loss [add]

2007-07-03 17:12:16 / Rating: 31 /


As I flipped through her wedding photos I realized that not every bride is beautiful.

tags: ugly truths wedding photo [add]

2007-07-03 17:10:31 / Rating: 24.75 /

J. Puer

Having bent all of our spoons my mother finally bought an ice cream scoop.

tags: food ice cream family mother [add]

2007-07-02 14:35:38 / Rating: 34.25 /

I went into the office today, where I noticed two new things about the building I work in:
  1. The cleaning staff now has little Post-it® Notes with a pre-printed message on them that says, "Housekeeping missed you today. We'll be back to empty your trash during our next regularly scheduled visit."

  2. They were in the process of installing three-tiered glass cases on various walls in the building. They have a light in them, and presumably will be used to showoff something. They look like trophy cases, but I'm not aware of any trophies that we have to display throughout the building.
I went to grab lunch in the cafeteria downstairs only to find that it's closed for the week since there's a holiday in the middle of the week.

I got the funniest and most heart-warming voice mail message from Irene today, and spent a good portion of the evening creating a podcast out of it, and trying to send it to her.

Why does sending large files have to be such a pain? I ended up using gmail.

I want to store it somewhere to point to from my blog, though, and the two servers on which I have access to any space at all won't hold the 12M file. Grrrrr!

Update: This morning I remembered about "Voice Posts" on LJ. Yay! Next entry is a voice post of Irene's voice mail message.

I have a tentative flight booked to Austin for weekend after next. I'm waiting for some frequent flyer points to complete a transfer before I can confirm the reservation.

A crazy rush of travel has come upon me all of a sudden: July 20–July25 in Austin; August 31–September 3 near Providence, Rhode Island; and October 10–October 21 in Australia.
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