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Your body through an index card, rotated tires, and scareyoke...

Would you believe it if someone told you that they could take a standard 3x5 index card and cut a hole in it that is large enough for them to fit their body through it? This guy does just that in his 2:35-minute video.

I worked remotely again today. I worked on a challenging edit of some error messages.

I had my 80,000-mile warranty tires rotated again to continue with the required 6,000-mile interval rotations to keep from voiding the warranty. Here's how that's been going for me:

Time Taken to
Drive 6,000 Miles






4 Months



4 Months, 9 Days



5 Months, 29 Days



4 Months, 5 Days



6 Months, 11 Days

The guy at Just Tires told me it would be at least 45 minutes before they could even get to my car to make sure I didn't mind waiting. In 45 minutes, it was done.

While I waited, I ate at The Food Factory, which was two doors down (Though they were neither laughin' nor drinkin' nor havin' a party—discuss!), and I read some of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.

I spent the afternoon completing my edit from Helios.

It was "country music day" there today, with plenty of Dolly songs, and toward the end of the day, one of my all time favorites: Jeanie C. Riley's Harper Valley, PTA.

I ate at K&W on the way home, and then I made a quick stop at the Harris Teeter in Cameron Village, where I saved 27% on a $43 grocery order.

I read for a little while this evening, and then met Joe at Flex for Scareyoke.

As expected, it was pretty crowded tonight with tomorrow being a holiday, and it was quite a "mixed" crowd—that is, some actual "fresh faces," amongst the "regulars."

Chris (zinnian) sang tonight—REM's Losing My Religion.

Joe and I left at a little after 12:30, and we stopped at Shanghai Express for a midnight snack.

A guy came in and walked behind the counter saying hello to all of the workers that he knew there, and in response to "How you been, man," said, "Oh I've got this infection in my eye," pointing to his left eye, which was all red.

Several of the cooks shook hands with him, and then went right back to cooking without washing their hands.

I made a comment to the guy taking our order that that wasn't too cool, and he said, "Oh, he doesn't work here."

Needless to say my comment went right over his head, so I said more bluntly, pointing at their 92.5 sanitation rating, "That's how that becomes an 82.5."

He turned just red enough to let me know that he "got it."
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