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All tied up, Labor Day weekend plans, and bar-hopping...

Who knew there were so many ways you could tie your shoes? Here's four of them:

The LadderThe Riding Bow
The CheckerboardThe Hidden Knot

The rest of them (there are 30 total) have names like: bi-color, lattice, zipper, bushwalk, footbag, display, twistie, and hash.

We had ham and cheese scrambled eggs for breakfast today, and Robert headed back to Durham shortly afterwards.

I devised yesterday's blog entry, and then turned on my cell phone while settling in on the couch to read some of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.

When my phone finished booting up, it indicated a voice mail message, which turned out to be from my aunt in Rhode Island inviting me and my parents up for the Labor Day Weekend.

I spent the next couple of hours doing travel agency work, and booked three flights to Providence on Friday, August 31st, returning Monday, September the 3rd, and two rooms for three nights in Warwick, close to Coventry.

During this time, I was also in touch with my parents—nice to find them both still alive and in good spirits—as I haven't spoken to them in probably close to a month. Bad son!

I met Joe at Flex at around 10:00 for some free pool and Scareyoke. There were "technical difficulties" with the sound system, and after about an hour, which included calling in Brigner from home to work on it, they got it up and running.

We made our way over to Legends for the show, which once again, ended with LuWanda Jackson doing Tina Turner. It was the first time Joe had seen her do it.
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