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CECE work, more Confessions, and "musical clips" night...

In the morning and up through early afternoon, I worked on Center for Excellence in Curricular Engagement tasks, and at about 1:30 I drove to campus for an afternoon meeting with the team.

Our two-hour meeting was shortened to an hour-and-fifteen minutes, due to, let's just call it a "calendar integrity" issue, around the meeting start time. We did honor the end time, though, so some integrity was salvaged when it was all said and done. :-)

My biggest accomplishment there, other than that meeting, was getting together the seven registration forms for The Community Calls Forth the University conference that several (well, 7 of us, actually) are attending at Virginia Tech in a couple of weeks.

That reminds me that I need to reschedule my IBM work week that week to work Monday, Tuesday, and Friday instead of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

I read a little bit of Confessions of An Ugly Stepsister, which I'm pleased to say "is working for me," and then napped for about an hour.

Hmmmm. Looking for a link to "Confessions," I came across this. I had no idea this was made into a movie for TV. And I love Stockard Channing. I wonder if this is available to rent on DVD (when I'm done with the book).

I met Joe at Flex for Show Tunes Night, which has kind of morphed into Show Tunes-MTV-CMT clips night. There was one mesmerizing (to me) clip of Reba and Kelly Clarkson doing the duet Does He Love You.

We strode over to Legends for the show. It was too crowded, and the show was too long, for my taste. In fact, I left before it was over.

It was actually not their usual drag show, but the "Miss Legends 2007 Pageant" with the theme of "Dreamgirls."

It's Crape Myrtle time in our community, and it occurs to me as a slow crescendo into a frenzy about an event that really doesn't resonate at all with me for some reason—the exact nature of which I'm uncertain.
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