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Paying forever, no one left to serve, some coffee art, Confessions, and a short night out...

I worked from home today, and had a mid-day meeting with my financial advisor, which was, as they always are, a real pleasure.

He was telling me about this offering of a financial instrument that allows you to invest with a company and get a guaranteed (currently) 6%-ish payment for life—even if the amount you have invested with them tanks to zero due to the market.

After that, we were talking about a fund he wants to put me in that has fees, with a choice of paying a one-time 5-6% up front or 1% forever.

As soon as he said "forever," I wrinkled up my nose, and he laughed.

I said, "When it comes to paying someone else, 'forever' doesn't work for me. Now, when someone's paying me 'forever,' that works."

On the way to the credit union, where I eventually went to cash a reimbursement check from Curricular Engagement, I passed an Office Depot and ran in to get another desk pad.

I got to one of the two open registers, and while I stepped to the side to put my credit card back in my wallet, my cashier took the next, and only, person in line.

Just as she started with him, the lady at the other register said, without looking up as she bent over to fiddle with some bags or something, "May I help the next person in line?"

Then she looked up, looked at the other register where the only customer left was already being helped, and said, "May I help the next person in line?"

That cashier snapped at her, "We have nobody next in line."

Cracked me up!

I worked the rest of the day from Helios. After a little while, around 1:00, Chris (zinnian) joined me. Here he is looking like a bad boy with his designer Mocha, followed by a close up of the mocha "art":

I started reading Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister tonight, which is by the same author as Wicked. I've actually owned the book for years, and have never really been tempted by it.

Needing something to read, I spotted it on the rail at the top of my stairs, where it's been collecting dust for probably two years, and started it. I think I'm really going to like it.

Trailer Park Prize Night was a bust tonight. Everything about it pretty much annoyed me, so I left after one drink. I was happy to get back to my book.
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