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Gathering carts, tedious editing, a 30-minute walk, CECE meeting prep, and a planned 50th!

Just this Saturday, Robert and I were discussing the shopping carts that "wander away" from a Food Lion near my house.

The conversation started when we saw a couple pushing one up the sidewalk to the corner at which we were turning, and then after making the turn seeing two more of them—carts, not people—waiting at the bus stop.

I couldn't stand it another minute, so today I walked around and rounded up a bunch of them.

I worked from home today, beginning my edit of a 440-page Messages Guide. It's 400+ pages of things like this:

PGHLIA001E: There are siblings from the same namespace with case-insensitive equality in names: feature name.

Explanation: The element with the specified name has a sibling with a case-insensitive equal name and the elements are from the same namespace.

Operator Response: Change the name of the siblings so there is no case-insensitive equality.

There are eight of these to a page. 400 pages. Can you say, "Pass the toothpicks with which to prop open my eyes, please?"

I filled out an online customer satisfaction survey today about my financial advisor. He passed with flying colors.

I walked for 30 minutes on the indoor track, while listening to several podcasts, mostly Slate and Slate Explainer podcasts.

On the way home, I stopped at Food Lion for groceries.

I scoured through pages and pages of notes to pull together an agenda for a "checkpoint" meeting on the "Engaged College" project for my Curricular Engagement job tomorrow.

My Australia trip is planned! I had the final exchange with the third resort tonight, and everything is nailed down.

In addition to a couple of days/nights in Sydney, these are the three fantabulous places we'll be staying—all three from the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die:
  1. The Lilianfels Blue Mountain Resort & Spa, where we have a Valley View room. While there, I also want to view the mountains from the scenic skyway or the scenic cableway.

  2. Seven Spirit Bay, where we have one of only six of their Premium Bay View Habitats. Additionally, there are 17 "Tropical Habitats," and that's all the visitors that can stay at the resort at a time—23 "habitats" worth.

  3. Heron Island, a resort on the Great Barrier Reef. We have a Heron Beachside Suite, which offers absolute beach frontage with direct access to the water and views of the reef.
Here's Heron Island on a poster:

Needless to say, I'm psyched!!!
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