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Value and self-worth, meeting Chris @ Helios, and a 30-minute walk...

Very, very interesting...

What messages does our society give African American children about their value and worth as human beings?

In her documentary, A Girl Like Me, teen filmmaker Kiri Davis conducts interviews with her peers to explore the impact and consequences of these messages. She then re-conducts Dr. Kenneth Clark's "doll test" with young African American children with sobering results.

A Girl Like Me

View the 7-Minute Video

I went into the office today, where I was surprised to find Lisa Sroka's office empty.

I immediately checked her corporate directory entry to make sure she hadn't gotten laid of. She's moved to the fourth floor. Whew.

At about 5:00, it occurred to me that I'd totally forgotten about a 1:00 appointment with Nathan today. Shit!

On my way back to Raleigh from the Park, Chris (zinnian) called asking if I wanted to meet him for coffee at Helios. Twist my arm.

He was a Helios virgin, which both surprised and delighted me. Welcome to "the office."

The back of my chair was right up against a table, at which sat a woman online, and Chris said he saw her on LiveJournal. We're everywhere.

We parted there at a little after 8:00, and I got to Carmichael at about 8:20, where I proceeded to walk the indoor track for 30 minutes.

After that, I walked over to the First Year Commons building, where I ran upstairs to get some Curricular Engagement stuff.

My fob would not work the elevator, so I took the stairs. As I ascended, it got hotter and hotter and hotter in the stairwell. Thank goodness my fob opened the door at the top of the stairs.

Back home, I had a late dinner of a Chicken in Peanut Sauce, and I listened to several NPR Story of the Day podcasts.

I had a nice instant message conversation with Robert. We're both excited about the Australia trip now.
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