DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A Meme

I have been tagged by chasman to participate in this meme. (Thanks for the acknowledgment in #6 in your list, Charles. )

Each participant lists 8 facts or habits about themselves—the meme first, followed by the responses, ending with 8 tag names.
My Responses
  1. I squeegee my shower stall after each use, and I consider the activity "stretching exercises."

  2. I had a vasectomy when I was 29 years old.

  3. I am an avid line-dancer and two-stepper. I know close to 50 line dances now, and about 12 partner dances. In two-stepping, I can lead or follow, but I'm a better follow than lead. I document the number of dances I know as I learn them.

  4. I played clarinet in the band in high school, and I was the Drum Major my senior year. Here's a picture of me conducting the marching band from the stands.

  5. I'm in the 4th year of a two-year Master's program, and like chasman, I have two courses left to take in my degree program. In December I'll graduate from NCSU with my Master of Science in Technical Communication.

  6. I received my undergraduate degree 27 years ago from ECU with a double major of Math & Computer Science.

  7. I am going to turn fifty fucking years old this October, and will do so traipsing about Australia, spending my actual birthday day in Sydney.

  8. I absolutely love my life.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Consider Yourselves Tagged
  1. marctic

  2. fattastic [Oh, I see you've already been tagged with this meme. These answers fulfil your obligtation. :-)]

  3. furrycatherder [Done.]

  4. iwc41

  5. ravenndark [Done.]

  6. swindunbar

  7. zinnian

  8. zy1125

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