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A little straightening up and Kevin's birthday shenanigans...

Really? Is My Face Red!

White chick to black chick: That's a cute bag. It would be, if it were real.

Black chick: Bitch, it ain't fake, it's stolen!

—14th & 8th

via Overheard in New York, Jun 22, 2007

One of this week's PostSecret entries: I particularly like the palpable subliminal message behind the knife slicing the pickle.

I also love this one:

I worked at a leisurely pace today finally getting to clearing the load of crap strewn across my bed for about two weeks now.

This was stuff thrown there as I took my computer system apart when moving my desk downstairs in anticipation of the arrival of my new desk.

I didn't get it completely cleared, but it's close enough to make me feel accomplished.

I ran to Helios to buy a gift card for my friend Kevin (av8rdude), whose birthday we'll be celebrating tonight. When I said the amount, the cashier said, "Wow, somebody really likes somebody."

If you're a regular reader here, then you know that Kevin and I meet at Helios fairly regularly, since he's a totally mobile employee (i.e., he has no office out at our local IBM site here), and I often substitute "working at Helios" for my "working at home." We often call and say, "You going to the 'office' today?" meaning Helios, of course.

To that end, his birthday invitation said, "no gifts," so I wrote inside his card under the gift card, "This is not a gift, it is an office supply."

We had an 8:00 reservation for a party of 16 at 5 Star for Kevin's birthday dinner this evening. Robert and I shared the Crispy Spring Rolls appetizer. I had the Crispy Sesame Beef, and he had the Seared Duck Breast with Orange Sauce.

At about 10:00, we finally got the checks settled, and we all headed over to Helios, where Robert and I each had a "dessert coffee": a Single Iced Skinny Caramella.

Robert and I stopped by home for about an hour, and then we met the group again at Legends. We hung out mostly on the patio, where the weather was just perfect, and the people-watching goings on interesting enough to entertain.

I had a funny conversation with a guy who was as stunned to learn that I haven't owned a television for over five years now as I was to learn that he Tivo's all three network news broadcasts each night and then watches all three of them.

I then asked him about his weekly schedule, and he told me about each of the shows he Tivos each night of the week, including The Amazing Race, which shows a "second time" (I think that's what he said) at 3:00 in the morning on The Game Show Network.

We had a brief philosophical debate as to whether The Amazing Race can really be considered a "game show." I finally conceded that it was—in spite of its overt lacking of big bucks and no whammies.

I don't even know what time we left there, but I'd guess at about 1:00. At home, before conking out, we made great progress on an Indy crossword puzzle, which was challenging, but not impossible—just how we like them.
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