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A break in the cycle, a usability test at a $200-an-hour rate, and a return to the bar...

Interesting international "gay" ad for Mastercard. (1 minute, Safe For Work)

Joke of the Day
A guy was seeing the nurse today for his annual checkup.

"You've got to stop jacking off," she says to him.

"Why?" he asked, alarmed.

"Because I'm trying to examine you," she said.

I woke up drenched in sweat once again, which caught me totally off guard, as I haven't been running much of a fever at all.

Next I swallowed, and miraculously, significantly less pain. I had to swallow several times to make sure I hadn't lost my mind.

Is this a coincidence of switching antibiotics?

I was delighted that: 1) this significant progress has been made, and 2) that switching to the new antibiotic didn't tear up my stomach.

I arrived at Red Hat ten minutes early for my 10:00–11:00 Usability Test appointment. As I was cooling off in the lobby for just a minute, an employee came to the front desk attendant telling her that if someone came for a 10:00 usability test appointment to...

"I think I'm your man," I said interrupting. "John Martin."

"Yes, hello John," I'm Gordon.

We ducked into a conference room right off the lobby, and in 15 minutes, I was done, and collected my $50 compensation for participation. Actually, this time instead of an American Express Bank Check, they were giving a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.com, which will arrive shortly via e-mail. Not a bad 15 minutes worth of work.

From there, I spent a few hours at Helios where I just checked e-mail and devised some "HTML structures" that I use over and over in writing my blog to save as templates—something I've been meaning to do for a long time.

I had a short, but sweet, instant message conversation with Irene (iwc41). I also had breakfast there for the first time—two medium-hard-boiled eggs and two pieces of multi-grain toast. Pretty yummy.

I stopped by White Rabbit to pick up another of what's become my favorite card in the last two days.

I downloaded the latest and greatest episodes of all of the podcasts I'm subscribed to, deleted the large number of them I've listened to over this past week while sick, refreshed my playlists, and re-synced my iPod. All loaded up.

I made it out to Flex tonight, where I spent most of the evening hanging out with Chris (zinnian).

Later in the evening "the twins" and Jay showed up (it's pageant time!), and they hung out for only about a half-hour or so and then headed over to CCs.

After about another half hour or so, Chris and I went to CCs, where it was Latin Night, and the twins and Jay were nowhere to be found. After about 30 minutes there, Jay and Phil (one of the twins) showed up.

They had been at CCs, went over to Legends, and were back. Evidently Craig (the other twin) found something he liked over at Legends.

I left there at about 1:50, when Phil could no longer stand, but kept ordering himself more drinks, and this tall guy with a ponytail that he had been talking to started getting amorous with him.

When I walked out of the inside glass door to CCs, into the little glassed in area, two huge horse heads were up against the outside glass staring in. Cops on horses.

They had these two "boys" (young, young kids) stopped there and were yelling at them about being smart-asses or something, and the one boy, who I think Rick said was one of his new roommates, started bawling like a baby.

I moved quickly away from that scene, got in my car, and as I was pulling out of the parking lot, said boys had just crossed the street and were entering the parking lot. The red-shirted one was being supported by the other guy, and he was still crying like a baby—whiny crying, arms flailing. The other one was talking to him a mile-a-minute in Spanish.

Bless their young messes, and alcohol.
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