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Unofficial lab results, an account for life, a one-time dinner, and staying in...

I called my doctor's office this morning asking my nurse to let me know if I can expect to receive my lab results by e-mail today, and if they would give me a referral to an EENT. I want to have an appointment scheduled for next Tuesday, in case I still don't feel any better by then.

My (IBM) manager has been out of the office all week and out of touch. I found out today that she has a brother who is very ill—to the extent that he is in hospice care. I hate it for her.

I purchased a permanent LiveJournal (LJ) account today, $150.00 for life. I usually pay just under $20.00 per year for my account, and I realize that it means I'll have to keep the account for eight more years before it really starts becoming a "free" account.

But I don't even care if LJ goes out of business tomorrow, or gets bought out, or whatever might cancel out my investment, as I've already gotten so much value and pleasure out of the 5+ years I've been using it, and the people running it are good people.

And besides, in the process of purchasing the permanent account, I received two warm fuzzies:
  1. $25 of the $150 was automatically donated to one of the following charities of my choice: RAINN, Witness, EFF, and Creative Commons. I chose Witness.

  2. Upon purchasing a permanent account, you can "gift" the remainder of time in your "paid" account to another LJ user. I gifted 213.27 days to fattastic. Enjoy, my friend.

Don't answer that. Just think about it!

Rhetorical Question
"At what point does a Macaroni & Beef Lean Cuisine become not lean?"

After adding:
  1. 2 ounces of 2% Milk Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese to it?

  2. A slice of buttered white bread to it?

  3. A second slice of buttered white bread to it?

My doctor's office returned my call, and though it was the nurse and not the doctor who filled me in (meaning the results of my lab aren't "official" until he "assesses" them and e-mails his assessment to me along with the results), but basically the nurse said it looks like I have a form of Strep that their Strep test doesn't detect.

There is more than one form of Strep, but the test they do (and that almost everyone does), only tests for one kind. This would explain why my test was negative (aside from the possibility of a false negative). The other strains of Strep might not respond to Amoxicillin either, so her thinking is that the doc is going to want to put me on a different antibiotic when I complete this one.

To that end, I decided to go ahead and switch to the Augmentin XR® that they'd given me to replace the five Amoxicillin pills that fell on the floor on my Monday visit. I was saving those for the last few days of the 10-day treatment in case they introduced some other variable, such as tearing up my stomach.

Before hanging up, the nurse said as an aside, "The doctor will tell you this officially, but just to let you know, your HIV test was negative."

I met Joe for dinner at Stromboli's on Edwards Mill Road for dinner. It was the first time either of us had been there, and we probably won't go back.

I found it, surprisingly, a little over-priced, and the "dining experience" is just "cockeyed" there. You are seated as if it's a restaurant, but it has the look and feel of a cafeteria. I don't know; something about it didn't work for either of us.

We stopped across the street at the Caribou Coffee, where Joe got some Chi Tea, and I got a Caramel Caribou Coooler, which was like a dessert. Perfect.

I waffled back and forth about going to Trailer Park Prize Night tonight, but in the end, ended up staying in.
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