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Percocet schmercocet, podcasts galore, some birthday cards, and Lucky back in the library...

I was up—on and off—all night and taking meds when it was time.

This morning, after feeling so good last night, swallowing was more painful than ever. So, when it came time to take my Tylenol, I substituted it with two Percocets instead. I thought, "I just want to have one time interval of no pain—for a break."

After about five minutes, I was walking toward my kitchen and it was like someone was pulling a shade down in front of a window–not getting darker, but like I could feel the drug taking effect starting in my head and moving down my body.

I felt a little light-headed, stumbled a little, grabbed onto the sink, and immediately made some toast and ate a hard-boiled egg to fight off the quick attack of nausea.

Lying down on the couch, I found my tongue to be a little "thick," and I had a slight moment of panic (paranoia, probably) that I was going to end up allergic to these pain pills.

After about 30 minutes, I just felt in a warm, care-free place, and knew if I looked like I felt, that if I looked in a mirror right now, I'd look like a glazed-over zombie.

Then, for the next 5.5 hours of this medication interval, I waited for the part where the pain pill blocked the pain. Never happened. Throat still hurt on every swallow, flashing pains of neuralgia continued along their merry way.

Oh well. At least the Tylenol part of the Percocet worked—my temperature stayed under control.

I listened to many more podcasts today: NPR Stories of the Day, NPR Driveway Moments, Slate, and Slate Explainer. The driveway moments were true to their names; that is, had I gotten to my driveway in the middle of them, I would have stayed in the car to hear the end of them.

If this episode, Revisiting Tom DeBaggio, and Life with Alzheimer's, doesn't break your heart (or at least bend it), you might not have one. (It's 12.5 minutes long.)

I drove downtown to White Rabbit to get a couple of birthday cards, and was quite pleased with my find.

I finally got my Father's Day card filled out, enveloped, and stamped, and took it for a ride around Raleigh with me. Would have been more effective to have actually put it in a mailbox.

I did remember to stop by the Cameron Village Library to return Lucky in the Corner, which is due tomorrow.
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