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Cooling man, burning man, cooling man with a constant sore throat...

The 5:45 awakening found me drenched in sweat—there were water beads all over the arm of my leather sofa from my head and neck, and my bathrobe was soaked.

Note: early morning neuralgia.

Though my fever is down now, my throat feels hardly better at all. Grrrrrr!

Thanks for all the good wishes on yesterday's entry.

12:45PM: This is really getting old.

Gay men and their fathers... lots of stories, lots of history, relationships more often than not strained—at the very least.

As one would expect, the week's PostSecrets are full of father-related cards.  Here's one of my favorites:

Click on this post card to see the rest.

2:00 temperature taken just before taking Tylenol, which I now believe I forgot to take at 10:00. Perhaps this is the reason for the climb.

I just had to get out of the house for a while, and by the time I got showered, dressed, packed, and was sitting on my stairs to my shoes on, I was wore out.

I got three phone calls just as I was getting into the shower: from Robert, Joe, and Kevin (av8rdude). Robert made me laugh telling me how he and Rodney, in honor of Father's Day, went "shopping for daddies."  There were a lot of nice ones, but none were for sale.

I took two Tylenols, and I forged on to meet Kevin at Helios. There, I devised two emails, which took way too long, but needed to be taken care of, and then just sort of zoned there.

I didn't feel any worse there, but I didn't feel any better either. And my forehead was still warm the entire time.

At home, at 6:45, my temperature read 101.6, still trending upward, still not good, but it sure explains my lethargy. The next round of meds are at 8:00.
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