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Hee Ah Lee, an umbrella drink, and sick as a dog...

Do you think you have challenges in your life? Meet Hee Ah Lee, the four-fingered pianist. (That's four fingers total; not four on each hand.)

Compared to hers, my life is a breeze—like a day in paradise with an umbrella drink.

Robert bought me this straw, which is just the deal. He got me that glass, too. Those are my initials etched on the front; on the back, the name of my drink is etched, "Bourbon & Diet." A breeze, indeed.

Sick. Sick. Sick. That's what I am today. Physically this time, not mentally.

I saw "Dr. Adam" at 2:00 today, where I was so lethargic that I could barely get out of my car when I arrived at the doctor's office.

"You are sick," the nurse said noting my temperature of 101.4.

My diagnosis was, once again, Strep Throat. I had it in December, January, and March, too. Redamdiculous.

Even though the strep test came back negative, after doing a thorough examination of my throat, he said, "20% of the tests come back false negative. Walks like a duck, talks like a duck..."

"Treat it like a duck," I said.

At the pharmacy at the K-Mart near my house, I waited 15 minutes for my prescriptions of antibiotics and a throat-numbing mouthwash to ease the pain in swallowing when eating or drinking.

At home, I popped in the antibiotic and two 8-Hour Tylenols to hopefully break this fever, and I hit the sack.

I woke up on and off and at one point my skin was soaked. I go back and forth between wanting the A/C on to wanting the heat on.

Three wonderful people in my life offered to get me anything I need, including one guy from work who doesn't live anywhere near me. That was Kevin. The other two were Robert and Joe. I'm blessed (if you go for that sort of thing) with the people in my life.

I got up at about 8:30, and felt hungry. I put in a CPK BBQ Chicken pizza thinking I'd easily eat the whole thing, but after eating half of it, I was through.

I went back to bed for the night at about 9:30, after devising this blog entry.
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