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It's been a while since any of these graphs from indexed have really struck me, but I like these two recent ones:

I worked from home today, and non-stop on that document for Pete and Eric in Australia. I finally finished it!

The guys from Mac Thrift were supposed to come back today at 10:00 to take my new desk apart to get it in my guest room. When they hadn't arrived by 11:30, I called the store.

Long story short, a new time of 2:15, 2:30 was promised, and later fulfilled. The guys worked like a bitch to take that thing apart, get it through the doorway, and reassemble it.

The only thing more precious than seeing it finally in its place was their faces as I handed them each a $20-bill for their trouble on their way out. It was a "tip," as I'd already paid an $85 delivery fee when I bought it.

My health deteriorated as the day progressed, and by 6:00, my throat (lymph nodes) were sore to the touch, swallowing hurt a little, I had a hell of a headache, and was extremely lethargic.

I ran to World Market, serendipitously, on the way to Office Depot, and then stopped at Target.

I decided to stop in World Market because I thought that's where my friend E-Ching had said she'd bought some delicious sesame crackers that she served at our last gathering.

I could only find "sesame and poppyseed" crackers, which sounded good, but I called E-Ching's cell just to see what the name brand of the ones she had was. She'd gotten hers at Trader Joe's, not World Market.

I bought the sesame and poppyseed ones. Assessment: Not "sesamey" enough.

I slept from 8:30 until midnight, but woke up at least every 20 minutes, thinking, "I've got to save this document so that the numbering of the tables and screen captures stay in sync." That's what I spent the last 45 minutes doing finishing up that edit this afternoon. Grrrrr!

I devised this blog entry, and headed back to bed.




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