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Fantasia, commenting friends, a big ole new desk, and two-stepping fools...

When Joe and I were in NYC, we saw Fantasia's picture plastered all over the city, especially in the subway stations, announcing her debut on Broadway in The Color Purple.

When we got back, I read this story titled, "Fantasia enlivens Broadway's The Color Purple." She's playing Miss Celie, of course, and here's one of the songs that all the fuss is about:

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Even though it was my day off from IBM, I worked almost the entire day on editing that SOA document from the writers in Australia.

My new desk delivery was scheduled between 1:00 and 5:00, and the guys came at about 3:30.

Two things were unfortunate about the delivery: 1) it was pouring rain when they arrived, and 2) after getting the main part of the desk up and around my u-shaped stairway to the hallway on the second floor of my townhouse, it was too big to fit through the doorway into the room it's going in up there.

Since they had one more delivery to make by 5:00, and they said it would take between 30 and 45 minutes to take the desk apart to get it through the door and then reassemble it, I told them it would be fine to come back tomorrow to take care of it. They'll be back at 10:00 tomorrow morning.

I made Easy Ranch Chicken for dinner, and we had some brown rice with it.

Dancing was fun enough tonight. It was completely the opposite in terms of the size of the crowd from last week (which really is no surprise as last week was very much an anomaly), but we had lots of dancers, so that made it fun.

In fact, at one time on the dance floor we had four couples two-stepping, which is virtually unheard of for us. Let me capture the couples: Carl & Bill (I think), Rick & Robert, Me & Rob, and Todd & Sean.

Once home, Robert and I worked on an Indy crossword puzzle before turning lights out at about halfway through it.
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