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Breakfast not at Tiffany's, STC officers meeting, and lucky to be done with a book...

In case you want to contribute to the "knowledge" base:

Which is better?

The current Top 20 Best Things are:
  1. A money tree growing in your back garden
  2. Being able to become invisible at will
  3. Waking up late for work then realizing it's Saturday and you can stay in bed!
  4. Being able to pause time during a conversation to give you time to think of a brilliant comeback.
  5. Laughing with an old friend about something that happened a LONG time ago.
  6. Being able to control gravity for anything including yourself
  7. Knowing that the one you love feels the same way
  8. Having Superpowers AND Unlimited Wishes granted by your own personal Genie!!
  9. Waking up in the morning and feeling so refreshed you feel you could do anything.
  10. Discovering the cure to aids
  11. Subtlety referencing something totally obscure that you love, and having your crush catch the reference
  12. Having someone tell you that they like you in front of their friends and actually meaning it
  13. Recognizing an option that has actually happened to you, and it IS the best thing ever!
  14. Leaving a $20 in your jacket pocket, forgetting about it and then finding it months later when you are broke.
  15. A magic pen. what ever you write comes true
  16. The ability to change shape
  17. Having a Undo button you can use in real-life situations.
  18. Telekinesis. You could vote for it without touching it. sweet...
  19. Getting a surprise kiss
  20. 3 wishes for whatever you want and being able to wish for more wishes that includes wishing for both selections

I was up and at 'em early this morning, and did a little work before heading over to IHOP to meet Kevin (av8rdude) and Kurt for breakfast.

From there, I headed directly to IBM, and worked in the office all day.

We had our 2007-2008 STC Officers Planning Meeting tonight from 6:00–8:00 at Mitch's Tavern on Hillsborough Street. Everyone showed up, and I was very pleased with the amount of participation and volunteering that went on throughout the meeting.

I also noted the beginning of some camaraderie that I hope is going to continue to grow and eventually flourish.

Since we were scheduled until 9:00, I was going strong with my usual boundless energy when Sarah suggested a nice tie-up to the meeting, which caught me a little off guard, but was right on target.

Both she and Myra noticed that "we were starting to lose them," and I can't regurgitate it here, but Sarah made some wonderfully crafted comment about sometimes it being better just to "let them go."  It sounded so funny to me, because it sounded like something you would say to someone grieving a dead person.

I was grateful to have someone (sometwo) to help me see what I couldn't. And speaking of not being able to see, Myra made an interesting observation that the area in which we were meeting was very, very poorly lit, which may have contributed to the sudden shutdown in folks after two hours.

Oh well, two hours was enough, and besides, we accomplished a great deal.

I received a voice mail message at the beginning of the meeting and checked it as I had given out my number so that anyone who was running behind could let us know.

The message turned out to be from Tali, asking me if I wanted to hang out some tonight.

I returned her call later, and we agreed to meet at Flex for Karaoke at 10:00. Just as I was about to leave the house, she called to say that she had decided to stay in tonight.

And so did I. I finished Lucky in the Corner, which had an incredibly abrupt ending.
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