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Hands-free cell, a Finch's breakfast, guest room rearranging, shopping, solving, and some reading...

Finally, a convenient place to store your cell phone, and even talk hands-free if need be...

Robert and I met Dave, Kevin, Glenn, John, and a friend of Dave's and Kevin's that I can't remember at Finch's for a late breakfast.

At home Robert helped me re-arrange my guest bedroom, which included moving my computer desk downstairs to the living room; moving the bed, dresser, and nightstand from one side of the room to the other; and vacuuming up years of my dead skin cells manifesting themselves as dust. Fact courtesy of Bodies: The Exhibition.

Everything's set now for delivery of my new desk, which is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

I made a half-canned, half-homemade tomato soup concoction for dinner along with grilled cheese sandwiches.

I had a third-of-a-pound container of fresh, sliced mushrooms that I needed to cook, so I sautéed them in butter, and then poured them into a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup.

Later in the evening, we went to Kohl's at Crossroads, where I bought 3 casual dress shirts and 2 pairs of shorts—probably more clothes I've bought at one time in 2 years.

I dropped Robert off at DSW while I ran over to REI to return a pair of shorts I bought the other day.

"The reason?" the cashier asked.

"Don't fit," I replied.

"Too big or too small?"

I thought this question was a little too personal (which, of course, means that they were too small for me), but I guess they can use this information to determine if customers think their sizes run bigger or smaller than they think—even though, I did not see her key this information in anywhere. Perhaps she did it after I left. Or perhaps she watched my fat ass as I walked away and thought, "He thought that would fit in these?"

Or then again, perhaps, her thoughts weren't all about me at all.

Back home, we debated going to see the special Saturday night edition of Trailer Park Prize Night, which actually started at 11:30 instead of 12:30 tonight, but thankfully, Robert blew it off.

Instead, we did a very challenging Independent crossword puzzle, and then both read a little of our respective books: mine, Lucky in the Corner and Robert's, My Sister's Keeper. In the end, we were both reading the back of our respective eyelids.
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