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Holophonic sounds, oldness, a desk purchase, memory lane, a grad party, and pool and a show...

My buddy Hrafn over at Inkblot Earth found this fantastic audio recording that sounds exactly like you’re getting a haircut. I thought it was so cool that I had to do some research.

These are called Holophonic sounds and are made to be listened to with headphones. They are recorded with a dummy head that has two microphones, one in each ear. The shape of the head and ears must be similar to a human head.

Really now. Get a set of headphones, and plug them into your computer. Put them on with the correct earphone in/on your correct ear, and then click on the link below. It's just under 4.5 minutes long, and it's a little slow and dry at first, but by the end it's quite engaging. If you don't get up and get, or have, headphones, it's not worth the bother.

Get My Virtual Haircut
[Click on the red right arrow under the title: The Virtual Haircut.]

I wanted to capture this from last night.

A guy named Paul, who's going to be 36 at the end of this month, said, "God, I feel so old."

Now, normally, and I think quite naturally, my general response to a comment like this is, "Old? Honey, you're a baby. I'm going to be 50 in October."

But, for some reason this time I thought, "You know. That kind of response is all about me, it's not what he wants to hear, and it's not going to be comforting to him in any way."

So, instead I said, "Honey, you're still a very handsome and sexy man." And I just left it at that.

"Well, thank you," he said.

For some reason I felt good after the exchange. I think it has something to do with a successful moment of self-awareness and self-discipline. Some such psycobabble as that.

I spent a few hours at my Service-Learning job today, where I got out the survey about attending the Virginia Tech The Community Calls Forth the University conference in July.

I ran over to see what new furniture Mac Thrift had unloaded from their truck since Wednesday, and on the way, passing by Alfred Williams & Co., stopped in just to see what they had. Expensive, that's what they had.

At Mac Thrift's, Adam showed me two more L-shaped desks that had come in, and I ended up buying one of them. I'm always amazed when I'm perfectly willing (expecting) to pay the advertised price, and a salesman says, "Well the best I can do is this..." and offers me $150 off. "I'll take it," I said.

In a conversation on Wednesday with Adam, he said something to the effect of, "Yeah, my partner, she said..." so I knew he was straight.

But, as he handed me my receipt, I said to him, "I know you don't play on my team, but you're a very sexy man."

"Thank you," he said just as casually and comfortably as if he heard that from guys every day.

This exchange made me think about how a lot of fear is self-imposed that gay people have in just being who they are and saying what they're thinking. I'm sure I'll think differently about that whenever I make a comment like that and I get a deliverance response instead.

I rode out to John's and Jill's son's graduation in party in the Black Horse Run clubhouse, where I took a short side trip down memory lane, driving around the subdivision before going in.

Black Horse Run is the "North Raleigh equestrian community" in which my ex-wife and I had "the big house" custom built, and sold in 1994 after I came out to her.

I rode by our old house, and stopping in front of it, I thought, appalled, "Oh my god, they have turned the garage to face the front of the house." And then, "And they put siding over the brick? What the hell???"

Then I realized that I was at the house just before ours. Bless my mess.

The graduation party was fun, though I was a little disappointed that there weren't a couple more of our mutual friends there, but it was about the kids, and not the adults.

I had fun talking to Jill's mom, who I had met a few times, and seen last at John's 40th birthday party five or six years ago.

They had a DJ, and I did the Electric Slide with about five other people. Afterwards, the DJ made some comment about "that guy in the blog shirt really working out that dance."

While there, I had a call from Chris (zinnian) giving me his new cell phone number and asking me if I was going to be out at Show Tunes tonight.

I met him there at about 9:30, and we played a few games of pool, and eventually headed over to Legends for the 12:30 show, which was uneventful.
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