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An STC kind of day, dinner at E-Ching's and David's, scareyoke and a show...

"I wanted something unique, something nobody else had. But every idea I had—it had already been done," says Britta Oelschlaeger. The 33-year-old photographer, who hails from the city of Hannover, knew she wanted a large tattoo on her back. Eschewing more popular designs as elves, dragons, dolphins and roses, she looked for ten years until she found this 1896 map of her hometown. "I’m a fan of Hannover’s football team and I’m completely crazy about maps," the artist explained her choice of tattoo.

To read more, click on the photo.

We were up and at 'em at 9:00, and we went to Finch's for breakfast, where once again the wait was just a little too long.

We sat by a party of about 8, which I dubbed the Fuller-Louder Family Reunion breakfast.

Robert headed back to Durham at around 10:30, and as soon as he walked out the door Kevin (av8rdude) called to say he'd be spending the afternoon at Helios, where I joined him at a little bit after 11:30.

Shortly after I arrived, Glenn and his boyfriend John stopped by to have lunch with Kevin.

Kevin and I were there for about six hours—at first he worked on organizing a family trip (him, his mother, and his aunt, I believe) to London for a family wedding, and then he worked on his grad school homework, while I did STC stuff all afternoon.

I devised a couple of "How to Organize Event x" write-ups, but spent most of the time organizing the file section of our Yahoo Group, creating folders and uploading files to respective folders.

I stopped by home just long enough to pick up my bottle of whiskey and grab a few cans of soda to take to E-Ching's and David's for dinner.

In addition to us, Courtney, Will, and Milton were there, and after some appetizers of crackers and cheese, we all sat down to a delicious Shrimp and Grits meal.

I'm not a fan of grits, but I was a big boy and tried them, and they turned out to be most delicious. The evening was capped off with a killer flan dessert with Kahlua on top and some coffee. Yum!

Kevin (av8rdude) ended up not being able to go out, as he had homework due at midnight and a 7:00AM flight out in the morning.

I met Joe at Scareyoke, where we played a couple of games of pool, and eventually made our way over to Legends for the show, along with Tali, Avead, and a guy named Thomas, who I had met a couple of years ago at the Longbranch, and then saw him at Flex the next night. Turns out he's bisexual.

Joe hung out with Avead, and after a while Tali and Thomas disappeared. We started to worry about her as the show ended, and we were ready to head home.

We walked back to Flex to see if perhaps she had gone to their car, and we found her car stopped at the stoplight at the intersection of West and West Morgan, where she related that Thomas had taken her somewhere to get some "weed," but ended up just taking her $40 and disappearing instead.

I guess robbing someone of their drug money is pretty close to a "perfect crime," as 1) who would report it, and 2) even if you did, what exactly would you tell the police? Pathetic all the way around.

Joe and I stopped at Shanghai Express on the way home, where I ate my egg roll and about two spoonfuls of rice and maybe two chunks of my sesame chicken.

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