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Domino-playing billiards, lunch with Kevin, and a lazy evening...

Visually blurry, but conceptually clear...

I had a delightful lunch with Kevin (zy1125 ) today.

We ate at Rudino's in RTP, where I boy-watched, while Kevin looked straight ahead at the drink machine the entire time, Marla.

Evidently, I walked by Will, who was sitting right behind me, a couple of times and didn't notice him. He got my attention, and I shook his hand delighted to see him.

As I turned back around, I heard, "He doesn't even recognize me." I turned back around and it was Milton, with a shaved head, who I hadn't recognized. He no longer looks like Josh Groban, but the boy is so incredibly handsome that there isn't anything he could do to himself to detract from that fact. But I digress...

I had a lazy, lazy evening today. I napped. I read. I fell asleep at 10:30PM, and woke up at 1:35AM, 3:15AM, 4:45AM, and 6:15AM, at which time I got up.
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