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An optical illusion, office seclusion, and dancer profusion...

I could throw up if I look at this long enough:

I spent the day at Service-Learning today, where I finalized the information about a conference coming up in July, and I participated in a 1.5-hour post postmortem-type meeting about our Celebration of Learning on May 3rd.

I also started going through all of my notes and papers on the Engaged College in anticipation of, on Friday, pulling together a snapshot of where we are, and coming up with my recommendation for our next steps.

I am absolutely loving having my own office to work in in our new building. Yay!

I listened to a bunch of podcasts while waiting for and riding the bus today; they included: three Car Talk podcasts, and about 10-12 Slate Explainer podcasts.

There was a decent crowd in the bar tonight.

For dancers, we had in addition to myself: Carl, Bill, Michael, Geromy, Rick, Ernie, Chris (zinnian), Shawn, Todd, their friend (David?), Rob, and this little guy whose name is Steven (or Stephen?) who used to dance with us quite a while ago, but then moved to Greensboro.

Tali and Ivead dropped by for a little while, and Geromy fell instantly in lust with Ivead.

On the way home when I turned on my phone, I had a message from Joe out in Santa Ana. He was just reporting the he had just passed by this huge building that appeared to be all glass and mirrors.

The Crystal Cathedral

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