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Health tips, IBM work, city-walk exercise, and the couple from Israel...

10 Dos and DON'Ts Health Tips

DO: Something. If there's anything exercise scientists agree on, it's that you get the biggest health benefits when you go from doing nothing to doing just about anything.

DON'T: Do stuff you hate just because you think you have to. Nobody ever went soft because he lifted weights when he should've been jogging or jogged when he should've been rowing.

DO: Your cardio after your strength workout, not before. You won't wear yourself out, and you'll dip into fat stores faster because you've already burned off some muscle glycogen.

DON'T: Skip the cardio just because you have less than 30 minutes to devote to it. But you need to add intervals-bursts of speed above your normal pace-to make it count.

DO: Work your biggest muscles first, last, and in between. Unless you aspire to a career in professional bodybuilding, your small muscles will take care of themselves when you do big-muscle exercises like presses, rows, chin-ups, and dips.

DON'T: Drink protein shakes. The typical American already eats more protein than even elite athletes need.

DO: Take a men's multivitamin every day, without fail.

DON'T: Drink mass-produced fruit juices. They're almost all pure sugar. Fruit, yes. Juice, no.

DO: Eat more fish, especially salmon and other cold-water species like tuna, cod, and halibut.

DON'T: Get carried away with the fancy coffee drinks. A 20-ounce mocha can easily top 400 calories, most of them from sugar. Two mochas a week equals 4 1,600 calories a year.

DO: Exercise portion control. A portion of protein-beef, fish, chicken-should be about the size of a deck of cards. Being an American is no excuse to eat like one.

DON'T: Pass up the chance to have fun while exercising. An hour of basketball feels like 15 minutes. An hour on a treadmill feels like a weekend in traffic school.

I went into the (IBM) office today, where I finally completed an edit in a review tool in which I had to jump through hoops in order to enter my markup before it timed out—a gazillion times. Ridiculous. Tedious.

After work, I stopped at Helios for a while, where I worked on STC stuff—creating "job descriptions" for the officers, and writing up "how to" documents on organizing some proposed events for this year.

My goal as president is to set clear expectations and to have as much information as possible in deciding on which volunteer opportunities would be a good match for each person. We'll see.

I parked in front of Tompkins on Hillsborough Street, and I walked over to The Media Center in Poe to return the video of The Proof.

I said to the guy to whom I turned in the tape, "I got an overdue notice on this, but I just checked it out at 8PM on Thursday, and I was given a due date of yesterday, 05/28, which was a holiday and you were closed."

I walked back to my car and then instead of going over to Carmichael for a 30-minute walk, I just walked over to the library at Cameron Village, dropped my book in the outside book return, and then walked back to my car by Sadlack's.

I stopped by the Cameron Village Harris Teeter on the way home and bought shrimp for dinner.

At home, I blanched the shrimp, just enough to heat it up as it was already cooked, and I steamed some broccoli. Delicious.

I stopped by Scareyoke at Flex, where after about an hour this girl asked me if I wanted to play pool.

Turns out she couldn't play pool at all, and she had just moved to Raleigh from Colorado Springs, where she lived for 5 months after arriving there from Israel. Her name was Tali.

She was with a friend named Ivead (or Evead or something spelled completely different from that, but that sounds like that in English). She used to be married to him; that is, until he came out.

At midnight me, Paul (a mess, and totally horn-boned on Ivead), and Tali walked over to Our Place, where Tali wanted to tell Ivead that we were at Legends. About halfway there, we ran into him walking back toward Flex. They wouldn't let him in Our Place, because he had no ID whatsoever with him.

I got them into Legends as my guests, and the four of us hung out watching the show, which Tali loved. Paul and Ivead disappeared intermittently.
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