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Service-Learning work, shrimp curry, The Proof, some W&G, and a puzzle...

I worked at my Service-Learning job today, and spent most of the time crafting a note about a conference coming up in July that, so far, Myra, Patti, and myself are planning to attend. It's at Virginia Tech, Wednesday and Thursday, July 18th and 19th.

Myra, Alissa, and I ran to Quizno's at Mission Valley to grab lunch-to-go, and we ate it back at the office.

I caught the bus home, and I had to wait way longer than I wanted to for it. I'm not digging this summer schedule at all.

Once home, I grabbed three 2-cent stamps that I needed to complete the postage on the three pieces of mail I took this morning intending to mail, and realizing halfway to the bus stop that those 39-cent stamps weren't quite going to get it, and I drove over to the Avent Ferry post office and mailed them just before 5:00.

I stopped in the Food Lion where I bought enough milk (2 cups) and mushrooms (1 pound) to make the Shrimp Curry recipe in the Replacements, Ltd.  Employees' Favorite Recipes cookbook.

We had that for dinner, and right before we sat down to eat Katherine, my neighbor, rang the doorbell. We caught up on the disposition of the 20-ounce can of Schlitz Malt Liquor that was purportedly by my car this morning, and I gave her a bowl of Shrimp Curry to take with her.

We watched The Proof, which we both really enjoyed.

After that, we watched the fourth DVD (five episodes) of the four-DVD set of the first season of Will & Grace, and as usual, laughed way more at Karen and Jack than we did at Will & Grace.  We had popcorn mid-way through.

After that, we zipped through an Indy crossword puzzle, and then had a nice and interesting discussion about The Proof, followed by lights out, and MMMMMMMMMM.

Life is good.
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