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A bug, a buggy bus situation, physical labor at S-L, a time warp, and dancing...

WARNING: There is a bug in this blog entry!

My alarm was set for 8:30 this morning, and I woke up to quiet at about 9:10. Turned out it was set for 8:30PM. I hate it when that happens.

I had some "bus issues" today.

On my way over to the stop at the Food Lion on Avent Ferry I saw one bus, so I knew they were running. After standing for about 10 minutes at the Food Lion/Greek Way stop, a driver of a CAT bus said out his window to me, "The bus doesn't come to this stop now."

"I'm waiting for the NCSU bus," I replied, but thanked him.

"That's what I'm talking about; that bus doesn't come to this stop now. Go over to the Gorman stop."

I walked down to the stop at Avent Ferry and Gorman, and after about 15 minutes, the Fraternity Court bus, which, when it's not summer, goes to the stop I was previously waiting at, came up on the side of Avent Ferry on which I was not standing. I ran across the street and got on it.

Evidently, the summer Fraternity Court route is a combination of the Avent Ferry route and the Fraternity Court route that run during the school year. And, this one runs about every 30 minutes instead of every 10 minutes, which is what the combination of the other two netted during the academic year. Live and learn.

I was in our new Service-Learning office today from 11–5, along with Myra and Alissa. We had a nice lunch break on some picnic tables behind Talley, where the weather was just fantabulous.

I helped Myra set up all of the computers in the various rooms, as the "IT guy" was coming to verify that all of our connections worked. Just as we finished that last one, John, the IT guy, arrived. Good timing. Things sure seem to move along when you're part of the Provost's office.

I made several trips to the dumpsters—both the trash dumpster and the cardboard recycle dumpster, clearing out packing materials from our new furniture.

I had some of Vivian's and my Red Lobster leftovers for dinner tonight. Yum!

I laid down for a nap at 7:00. At 8:30 my alarm woke me out of a deep, deep sleep. I looked at the light coming through my closed blinds and thought in succession:
  1. It's pretty gray out this morning.
  2. Was it supposed to rain today?
  3. Wait, it's not gray out; it's getting dark.
  4. It's 8:30PM, still Wednesday night.
  5. Ugh, gotta get up to dance.

We had seven dancers tonight (Me, Stephen, Michael, Carl, Bill, Chris (zinnian), and Geromy), and late in the evening Jimmy showed up.

No one spoke to him, and he attempted three dances, both right beside me, none of which he "knew"—the Tush Push (mostly pushing into me), Chill Factor (one of the hardest dances we do), and Dizzy. Bless his mess.

I hung out with Chris and Geromy until almost 12:00, and then asked Van if he needed a ride home before heading out at midnight. He said he had to keep playing as long as there were people in the bar.
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