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Brunch at Finch's, a stroll through Artsplosure, and a book club discussion about a book...

I didn't mention that yesterday, before we left Helios, David's lady friend told three great "Catholic jokes" and one gay joke, which were very visual so won't work here, and in return, I shared with her the "picture of Jesus" and the "Jesus being a top" jokes, which she loved. We are all Catholics or lapsed Catholics.

That reminded me of this one that Bill told me several weeks ago at dancing:

Five nuns were killed instantly in a massacre as they ministered to the less fortunate in a dangerous part of the city.

In line at the Pearly Gates, St. Peter says to the first one, "Do you have anything to confess, my child?"

She stammers, "Yes, I have had impure thoughts about a man's penis."

St. Peter says, "You are forgiven, my daughter. Dip your fingers in the holy water and rub some on your temples."

Once she did, the trumpets blared, the angels sang, and the gates swung open to allow her into heaven.

To the second nun in line, "And you, my child?"

"I have seen a man's penis, St. Peter."

"You, too, are forgiven, my daughter. Dip your fingers in the holy water and rub some on your eyelids."

Again, the trumpets blared, the angels sang, and the gates swung open to allow her in.

The third nun comes forward, "And you?"

"St. Peter, I have touched a man's penis," she says with her eyes closed and her head hung low.

"My daughter, God is a forgiving Father. Dip a finger from each hand in the holy water and rub your hands together."

You know the drill: the trumpets, the angels, and the opening gates.

All of a sudden, a ruckus breaks out as the fifth nun elbows her way around the fourth one pushing her out of her way to get in front of her.

St. Peter says to her, "Whoa, whoa, now what's that all about?"

The next nun says pointing to the last, "I just want to gargle with that holy water before she sits in it!"

I had a great, restful night's sleep, and was up by 9:00.

Once again, instead of straightening up, I read the news online, the obits, and completed yesterday's blog entry.

I met Kevin (av8rdude), Joe, Jace, Glenn, and Glenn's friend (boyfriend?) John at Finch's for breakfast. Actually, they each had breakfast, and I had lunch.

I met Robert back at my house, and we went down to Artsplosure, where I spent my $50 (and then some) on something to customize our new office, using the $50 bill we received on Friday for this expressed purpose.

I enjoyed our time together today.

We had a great book club meeting tonight. We actually discussed a book that all five of us had read, and had a great discussion at that.

Mary left at about 8:45, and at about 10 until 9, after the second warning that the store was closing at 9, we moved outside, where the four of us (me, Suzanne, Janet, and Sharon) talked until about 9:30.

On the way home, I met Joe at the Method Road Post Office, where he had to mail some bills and give me a key to his house, since he'll be gone tomorrow through late Thursday evening.

I stopped by Flex for Scareyoke, and wish I hadn't. I played one free game of pool by myself, and won.
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