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Cool ads, "on call" @ IBM, a S-L celebration, and some show tunes and pool...

Cool ads:

And a FedEx-Kinkos office products ad:

And, finally, a clever quit smoking ad:

I worked, basically, in an "on call" mode today, making myself available in case document-related bugs needed addressing during development's "Defect Blitz," going on yesterday and today.

From 11:30–1:30, I met the Service-Learning team for our "Inaugural Lunch" in the new building.  Patti brought the lion share of the food, with others bringing in a favorite dish of theirs—by request, I brought in my Pepper & Onion Relish Cream Cheese Dip.

We had a real nice gathering, celebrating our new space on a huge "picnic" blanket laid out in the conference room, which is not yet furnished.

Myra handed out thank-you cards to each of us, personalized, for our contribution leading up to this momentous day. Mine was a $25 gift certificate to HeliosI loved that the gift cards were personalized, and said as much.

Patti then used that comment as a segue into the envelope she had handed to each of us—"Speaking of customizing, in each of your envelopes is a 50 dollar bill, with which we'd like you to use to 'shop around' and buy something meaningful to you, to customize if you will, our new space."  I think this is just the coolest idea.

I monitored my IBM e-mail during this time, and fortunately did not receive any defects to handle. I lost my wireless connection at about 1:15, and I took the opportunity to head down to Helios for a more reliable connection for the rest of the afternoon.

I did a little research on vacationing in Sydney in October, and now have some preliminary idea of high-level choices to be made at least. I posted a call for help in the EAGLE database at work from our members Downunder.

I got a defect assigned to me just before 4:00, and handled it right away.

For some reason, I have received my IRS refund in the form of a check from the Treasury Department. I've always received my refund via direct deposit, and I'd checked that option on this year's return, and I know my bank routing information is correct, because it's stored in Turbo Tax, and I haven't changed it.  Odd.

Also, with regards to finances, I got an e-mail from Sarah that my $1000 scholarship for the conference I just attended has come in. She's putting that in the mail today.

If money comes in threes also, then perhaps tomorrow I'll get my state tax refunded, which come to think of it, should also have been "direct deposited" by now. Things that make you go, "Hmmm."

I participated in an online survey today that had these three response options for the Marital Status question:
  • Single

  • Divorced

  • Married / Spousal Equivalent
which I really liked. However, I do think they should have had an option for "Widow / Widower."

I met Joe at Flex some time between 9:30 and 10:00 for show tunes and to play some pool. There were a lot of people there we know tonight, so it was fairly festive.

I did play a couple of games of pool, but not with Joe. Chris (zinnian) came to me at one point and said, "Geromy wants to play you in pool." To my surprise, I beat him.

I played David next—not Sadlack's David, but the CC bar back David. I beat him, too.

That's all I wanted to play, so I gave up my reign back to Geromy to play Sadlack's David.

Late, after 12:30, we went over to Legends to see the show. Joe spent most of the time there hanging out with Brandon. I mostly hung out with Randy K, who was also at Flex while we were there.
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