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The "forever" stamp, a new library process, a dead show tunes night, & an expensive cover at CCs...

I uploaded my final edition of the newsletter to the STC website, and sent a notice to the stc and etc listserv, as well as copying the editor of the STC-Carolina Community's Newsletter that it is now available.

Almost, immediately, I received two affirmations of good work on it. Yay!

I ran some errands today, which included stopping by the post office to mail a Mother's Day card and a birthday card to a friend.

While there, I decided to run in and buy some stamps, because I only have about three of these left:

I also wanted some "love" stamps.

Inside, I was surprised by two things: 1) postage is going up on Monday (to $.41 for a first class letter), and 2) they are selling an "f-word" stamp, the "Forever" stamp:

Now, this notion that these stamps will be good "forever," no matter how much more stamps go up, "ever," really appeals to me. Here's my question, why wouldn't you, assuming you actually use stamps buy $500 or a $1000 worth? That's what I'm going to do.

My next errand was to pick up a book I had on hold at the Cameron Village Library. I went to the hold desk, and the lady kindly informed me that there was a new "process" now for picking up books on hold, "They're over there in that area," she pointed. "They're filed by requestor's last name, so just find yours and you can take it to check-out."

I did that, came back, and said, "I'm not sure I like this new process. Seems like anyone can go over there and help themselves to my book."

"They can't check it out. When they go to scan it, it gets rejected indicating it is being held for someone else."

"Okay, I like the new process, then," I said.

I meandered through The Fresh Market right next to the library, a dangerous thing to do when you're starving. At one point, I had a bag of Jalapeño Peanuts in my hand, but put them back. It's not that hard for me to resist the temptation there, as just about everything in the place is over-priced.

On the way home I checked in with Joe to see if he'd finished his (work) test yet. He had just gotten home, and we made plans to meet directly at the Rock-ola at Mission Valley.

We split a half order (this is a new option on their menu) of the Loaded Cheese Fries (which showed up on our bill later as a "half load"), and we each had a salad and a cocktail.

Later, we met at Flex for Show Tunes Night. It was quite dead in there for a Friday night.

Not too long after we got there, these people came in and started setting up a little stage area and a movie screen—one of those kind that you set up in your house to watch home movies—and after finding out this was all in preparation for the "120 Minutes of Alternative Music and College Radio Videos" that was starting at midnight, we headed over to CCs.

It was HRC night there, read: fund raiser, read: it cost me $5 bucks to get in instead of $3.

Joe was hanging out with Robert (Dougie's friend), and I left just as "the show" was starting, so it must have been around 12:30.
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