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Mostly work, a little play...

I went into the (IBM) office today.

I had lunch with one of Kevin's (zy1125) mentees, who reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger, except that she's black and she's a girl. She's a programmer who thinks she'd rather be a writer. I think I helped her.

I worked on Jim's ITIM message edit up until our 2:00 meeting with him, Christie, Brendan, and Qiana. We discussed "consistencies" in ITIM message writing.

I worked on my final edition of the STC newsletter all night long.

I went to Trailer Park Prize Night, where I spent most of the time talking to Randy K. and a friend of his, Mark.

Tequila Rose (hate her) was the emcee, and Busted Cherry (hate her) was in the show. I left before the grand prize was awarded.
Tags: bar talk, ibm, stc

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