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Crime close to home, a reluctant stock sale, a productive work day, and a coffee stalker...

Just a little disconcerting as this apartment complex is just around the corner from my house.

It didn't feel good doing it, but I did it anyway.

My financial advisor told me about a month ago that when IBM stock gets back over $100 a share, I should sell the close to $35,000 worth of it that I have in my IBM 401K account, and distribute a third of it into each of three other funds in my account—a large value fund, a large growth fund, and a moderate blend fund.

Today, at 102-and-some-change per share, I transferred $30,000 of it and kept the almost $5,000 in it just because. Diversification schmersification.

I love the thought process behind this PostSecret:

And this is the kind of PostSecret that makes me wonder if people aren't making up some of them. If it is real, it's both compelling and chilling.

Wouldn't "the authorities" want to seize this as evidence and try to do some forensics on it to track down the sender?

I was up at 6:15, and into the office by 7:00. I knew it had been almost a complete week since I'd been in my office for two reasons: 1) There was mold growing on the coffee I inadvertently left in my coffee cup, and 2) I had a week-old message on my phone from Jeanie-Baby.

I hate that I didn't get her message for a week as she was calling to tell me that she is looking for an assisted living place and is considering one in Raleigh, and she was wondering if she moved here would I still have some time for her.

My manager canceled our 1-on-1 meeting this time, which was just fine with me. Today, she approved and set up another year Leave of Absence Work Option for me.

This coming year, starting next week, I'll be working three days a week instead of two. I'm ambivalent about that. On the one hand the extra income will be nice; on the other hand, I sure did like working only two days a week. This new leave is set to end on 04/30/08, at which time I'll have to either return to work full time or...

I had a super-productive editing day and left the office at about 4:20. I missed the traffic coming and going today—excellent. I checked in with Jeanie on the way home, and my call was dropped toward the end of our conversation. I hate the cell (non)service on I-40 between RTP and Raleigh.

I ran to the Avent Ferry/Gorman Road shopping center to get a belated birthday card for my dad only to find that the Hallmark Shop has closed up and vacated the premises.

I hadn't planned to, but got a haircut while I was there as CostCutters is just a few doors down from where the Hallmark Shop was.

I went down to Helios to work on the STC newsletter, and not long after getting there, I got a call from Joe.

At about 5 minutes into the call, he asked, "How's your drink?"

"It's good," I said; "Why?"

"It looks good," he replied. I turned around and he was looking in the window. Ha!

He had had dinner at 518 West, and was actually checking to see if I might be at Helios since he was so close by. He came in and we chatted until they threw us out of there at 10:00. So much for getting newsletter work done.

I stopped by karaoke on the way home, but only stayed about a half hour, as it was the same old, same old, same old. I did play one game of pool with David, in which he sunk the 8-ball somewhere around his third shot. I grabbed it before it went down the hole, and we continued playing. I won again in the same game.
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