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S-L work and early to bed...

I worked at my Service-Learning job today from 10:00 to almost 6:00.  We're in overdrive mode now preparing for a big Celebration of Service-Learning in the Ballroom at Talley on Thursday.

I called dad for his 76th birthday. He sounded pretty good, and his eye is 100% than my last call. The cataract surgery has made a huge difference—"I can't believe how clear the television is," he said.

I should have worked on the final STC newsletter tonight, but by the time I had dinner and sat down to start on it, my eyelids were betraying the computer screen.

I decided to lie down to read a little, but in a few minutes the night was history.  I woke up at about 1:30AM, turned off the lights, turned up the air-conditioning, and went right back to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, ever wonder:
  1. Why do our bodies twitch before we fall asleep?

  2. If you can't sleep, what's better: counting sheep or getting out of bed and being productive?

  3. Why do we yawn?

  4. Why do animals walk in a circle before they lay down?

  5. Is there any effect of eating before you go to bed?

  6. How many dust mites are there in beds? Are they harmful?

  7. Why do we have dreams about falling?

  8. Can blind people see in their dreams?

  9. Do deaf people hear in their dreams?

  10. Why do kids wet the bed?
You can find the answers to these questions in AJ Moss's article: 10 Interesting Facts About Sleeping.
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