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Homo sweet home...

We were up at 8:30, walked around the corner to the deli for breakfast, and were checked out and by the curb at 10:15 for our 10:20 Golden Touch transfer from the hotel to Newark.

There was one couple in the van when we got in, and we picked up one other couple up near Times Square. That couple was interesting—a widow and a widower who were traveling together now that their respective spouses weren't able to.

The man talked a little too much for my taste, and he was not really using his inside voice. He subjected us all to a cell phone call as well.

We got to the airport in about 35 minutes, which had we known would be the case, we could have taken the 11:20 shuttle instead of the 10:20. The lady yesterday told us to allow for a little over an hour.

To that end, we had a two-hour wait for our flight. I took advantage of the time to charge my phone and catch up my blog. Joe took the opportunity to people-watch with a special eye toward shoes people were wearing in anticipation of an upcoming shoe purchase.

We sat on the tarmac for a half hour with no indication of why we weren't leaving. Finally, the pilot let us know that we had a "weight distribution problem" and I shifted in my seat uncomfortably.

The flight attendant on this flight was an older man who spoke too softly and grimaced a lot.

Joe and I had diner at Cici as the big hurrah ending to our vacation.

Back home, I worked on my blog, took a nap, worked more on my blog, and then went to the 12:30 show at Legends.
Tags: bar talk, travel

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