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An amazing equine, a clean house, and okay dancing...

I'm not a big horse fan myself, but I have a good, good friend who is totally into horses, and in fact, is somewhat of a "horse whisperer," if you will.

She does and teaches dressage (noun: maneuvers of a horse in response to body signals by the rider), and sent me the clip below—which even I, as a non-horse-aficionado was awestruck by. It's just amazing what this horse does. It gets more and more mesmerizing as it goes.

I cleaned up all of these papers around the house today. Whew. Looks pretty decent.

I ran to kaymarc and got a few essentials, and then stopped by the Hairy Peter on Buck Jones Road.

And after all that, my sister ended up not spending the night tonight.

Dancing was okay, small dance crowd: Me, Carl, Bill, Michael, and Rick. Oh yeah; Tony showed up after a while and pinched the hell out of my nipple. Fucker.

I ended up staying long enough to hear that woman sing and she actually had a good voice. The venue just really didn't work though; late Saturday night crowds at Flex are not into what she was singing. Oh well.

I had fun taking with Carl, Bill, Van, and Adam, and told them some of my puns, which I hadn't thought about for a while. Fun time.
Tags: bar talk, dancing, exercise

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