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In my defense...

I love developers with a sense of humor in their jobs.

To appreciate an example of this, scroll down to Steps 23 & 24 of the directions in the left pane after asking Google Maps for directions from New York to Paris.

This is for my friend Will...

They Wanted Someone Who Could Hallucinate Outside the Box

Fashionista: Yeah, one time I thought I took, like, 96 bong hits, but then I realized that I wasn't inhaling.

Boyfriend: What about the time you ate thirty mushrooms and applied to Morgan Stanley?

Fashionista: Haha, I know! Who would have thought I'd have gotten that job?!

Bowery Bar

via Overheard in New York, Apr 19, 2007

From indexed blog:

I practiced my defense presentation for most of the day, stopping only to prepare some notes to use in answering potential questions from the faculty.

Tonight I sent this e-mail to people who have been keeping up with my progress in working on my master's degree:

Hello my friends,

Tonight I completed the equivalent of the thesis requirement in our Master's program, which for us, is a "capstone course" in which we work on a project all semester that should showcase as much as possible of what we've learned throughout the program. Then, at the end of the semester, we give an oral presentation about the project to the faculty, and they drill us with questions about the work at the end of the presentation. Fun stuff. Not.

Of our class of nine and the presentations over four different nights, mine was the first one on the first evening. After both of us who were presenting tonight finished, the faculty all left the room to consult about how we did, and then called us to the "consulting room" one at a time to give us our feedback, and also, hopefully, tell us that we "passed." You can pass with revisions required, or pass with no revisions required. What every student wants to hear is, "No revisions required."

I was called into the consulting room for my feedback, and after meeting a bunch of smiling faces and extended hands, the room began to whirl as they mumbled things that sounded like, "Every one of us was very, very impressed," "A really great presentation," "You really nailed the questions," "And when you threw out that quote in the one answer, it was like you not only answered the question, but slapped it down, and beat on it." Some such murmurings as those persisted, ending with "You have passed with no revisions required," and after that, I "came to."

In all seriousness, it was a heady evening for me. I feel very accomplished, and so relieved to be past this milestone in the degree program.

Generally this class is taken as the last one in the program, but I still have one course left to take in the Fall (and an independent study for 2 credit hours), so I won't graduate until December, one month short of starting the program four years ago. However, it'll be a great Fall with this course behind me.

I was particularly happy to have Robert share in the evening. He is such a great supporter of every one of my life endeavors, which I so appreciate and said as much on the "acknowledgment slide" at the end of my presentation.

I thinks, perhaps, I might go out and celebrate a little tonight.

Best regards,

Sarah E-W, I know that that "slapped it down" quote was uttered by Brad, who was quoting you! And, I know I don't have it quite right. Feel free to click on the "Thoughts?" link to correct the quote in a comment!

And thank you for being there tonight. It meant a great deal to me. You were one of those faces I sought out while I was presenting, because the "presentation tips" say to seek out a friendly face in the crowd. Thanks for being said face.

Jackie O'Knight emceed Trailer Park Prize Night Tonight, and it was an okay show. She does have a great sense of humor. You have to give her that.
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