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Poor Ronald, greetings from Dubai, image labeling, rehearsing my defense, and dancing...

Perp or Victim?

What's this all about?

I just love my sister. Our recent e-mail exchange went like this:

Hello Bro'

I am in Dubai at an international conference—it is very interesting! I arrive back in Raleigh on Sat. April 21st at 6:45 pm. I may be totally wiped out, as I was when I got here, and not able to drive home. Are you around that night in case I need to crash for a few hours before I drive back to G'ville?

To which I replied:


Good to hear from you! I knew you were there, because Mom called me the other day and said in her message that "Vivian is over there near Iraq." :-)

Please plan to spend the night on Sat. April 21st. You have my cell number in your phone; check in en route if you want to. Be safe!!!

To which she replied:

Thanks! This place near IRAQ is wonderful! I'll cawl you!

As an avid blogger, I am constantly searching for images that might enhance my postings.

To that end, I've always been quite interested in the process of searching for an image that suggests an "idea," which is not an easy thing to do, since you are at the mercy of whomever is providing metadata for images, and people are usually thinking literally, not figuratively, when they are creating the metadata.

Today, I accidentally hit something on the google.com page that took me to this new endeavor they have going called, "Google Image Labeler."

I think they've got a good thing going there as they are basically doing research and getting free research participants by disguising the endeavor as a game. I like it!

I rehearsed and refined my defense presentation all day today, finally stopping with just enough time to shower and get to dancing by 9:00.

The bar was really dead tonight. Up until about 10:00, there were only three patrons in the bar who weren't dancers.

I danced for the first time tonight with the pair of shoes that Bill gave me, and all-in-all, they seemed to work just fine.

Carl reviewed the Carolina Stomp for the lesson, and I left not too long after that, after doing "the Spanish Omelet" set of dances at about 10:40.

I continued rehearsing my presentation until 2AM.
Tags: bar talk, dancing, exercise, grad school

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