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Happy 13th; a gym dandy, editing, and practicing my defense...

Thirteen years ago today, I stopped living a life of deceit and began living my life authentically. I'm so much better for it. I love my life now.

It's been a while since book_of_daniel has had a post that's cracked me up. It's about being cruised in the gym. I particularly like the ending.

I worked from home today, and my entire day was spent editing Shruti's Active Directory Adapter Users Guide.

In class tonight, Jenn, Jennifer, and Christin ran through their presentations.  That's the lot of 'em, now.  The defenses start Thursday, and I'm first on the agenda.

I ran out to IBM to scan and e-mail my edits to Shruti.  While there, I practiced my defense.
Tags: grad school, ibm

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