DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The Hours...

Robert and I started the day off with an MMMMMMMMMM. (How unusual.) :-)

Jeff got up right before us and heated (a) leftover Krispy Kreme(s), which he had brought from Jay's for his breakfast. Robert and I made our own breakfast. Robert left shortly after that to return to Chapel Hill for the day.

Jeff and I left for Crossroads at about 12:15. We went to Radio Shack (at his request), but when we got there, found out it didn't open until 1:00. We walked around Crossroads, stopping in at REI, where I looked at ski stuff, then Office Max, where we both looked at software, then Audio Now, where we saw some killer audio/visual stuff, and then to Radio Shack.

He looked at some stuff for his cell phone, but didn't buy it, and we both looked at wireless speakers. I may go back and get the wireless speakers.

We ate at Subway, and then headed over to the movie, where we met Jay, Howard, Jim, and Gregor. I thought Jim looked like he had lost weight. Turns out it was forty pounds! Good job.

The movie was quite interesting. I really liked all three lead female parts, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, and Meryl Streep. Overall, it was confusing at the beginning, and I'd like to see it again with Robert.

After the movie, Jay invited us over to watch the Will & Grace episode, which, as it turns out, Jeff had already watched, unknown to Jay, when he was staying with him on Friday. It wasn't as funny as I expected it to be, but I always enjoy Karen and Jack.

We (me and Jeff) stopped at the Food Lion on the way home, with the intention of getting filets for dinner. They only had the filets in the vacuum-sealed plastic, and I didn't want those. I've never noticed that they don't have a meat counter with a butcher there. I didn't feel like riding over to the Harris Teeter at Cameron Village.

We ended up eating Tuna Helper. There, how's that, "We can have either filet mignon or tuna helper for dinner." :-) It turned out to be pretty yummy. We had some of the veggies leftover on the vegetable tray with it.

Jeff read a little of his "Words and Rules" book to me while I was cooking. That's an interesting book. I, later on the Internet, put it on hold at the library to pick up this week.

Before dinner, I had checked in with Robert to see if he was coming back. He said he would. After dinner, cleaning up, and reading for a little, I checked in with him for an ETA. He said about 8:30 or 8:45. Jeff and I started playing dominoes. Robert arrived after a couple of games and joined us. We played until about 10.

By 10:30 it was lights out.

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