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Back from The Stomp, a glorious nap, book club, and bar-hopping...

We woke up at about 9:30, and passed on the complimentary hotel breakfast, particularly because after we finished our breakfast yesterday, we noticed their 81.5 sanitary rating.

We packed up, and checked out between 11 and 11:30, and got on the road, where we hit some gawd-awful bumper-to-bumper-for-no-reason-traffic for about 45 minutes.

We stopped at a Subway for lunch, and I filled up with gas while we were stopped.

At home, I took a glorious three-hour nap.

The Mostly Social Book Club, sans Mary, met out at the Barnes & Noble at the Streets of Southpoint in Durham. It was way crowded in there, but we managed a corner table after being there a few minutes.

We basically "closed out" on Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, and "opened" on My Sister's Keeper. But mostly, we were social.

I met Joe at Flex, where we played a couple of games of pool against each other, and then he and I played against Ross and this guy named Jose, who was a little full of himself, at least in terms of pool playing.

After a while, Kevin (av8rdude) and Curt arrived, and we caught up with them.

Joe and I went over to Legends for the show, but left there not too long after it started. We stopped by The Borough, where I had a salad and he had chips and salsa.
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