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Queen City Stomp 2007—Day 2

We got up at about 9:00, and after tasting some horrible room-made coffee and before heading to the IHOP as we'd planned last night, we noticed that there was free breakfast in the hotel.

We got respectable enough to be seen in public and went downstairs, where I enjoyed some scrambled eggs, link sausage, and a bagel.  As we finished, Chris (zinnian) came in, so we sat back down and kept him company while he had a bagel.

Back at the room, I chilled out for about an hour, then showered, made up one batch of dip, and devised yesterday's blog.

Chris (zinnian) dropped by at around 1:30 after having been out shopping and to grab some lunch.

He noted that there was a Firehouse Subs across the street, so Robert and I went over there for lunch, where we were delighted not only with the 100.0 sanitary rating, but with the entire customer-oriented crew who seemed to be not only friendly, but to have a lot of pride in their work.  How refreshing.

We had a relaxing afternoon in the room the rest of the afternoon, and actually had no visitors to Party Central  (a.k.a. our room) even though it was open. We did the USA Today Crossword Puzzle online, each on our own computers.

We went downstairs for the Cocktail Hour, which was actually for two hours, with a Mardi Gras theme.

Surprisingly, the place was nicely decorated. There were some face masks, those one with the glitter and the feathers coming out of them, available to put on. All but one person that was wearing one had them up on their forehead or top of the head like a visor instead of on their eyes. Not sure what that was all about.

After cocktails, Chris (zinnian), Robert and I walked over to the nearby KFC for dinner.

At just after 7:30, Party Central received the exact number of visitors for a couple of cocktails before heading over to the Eagle. By "the exact number," I mean it exactly matched the number of shot glasses—11— we'd brought from which to do Blow Jobs.

Let's see if I can connect each glass to a person: Carl, Bill, Todd, Shawn, Ernie, Alan, Joey, Anthony, Chris (zinnian) and me and Robert, of course.

It poured like a mofo tonight, and at times the stability of the tent seemed dubious, but it lasted the night—at least until we left between midnight and 12:30.

There was a lot of water on the ground just off the dance floor, and there was somewhat of a small, flowing moat in the gutters, since this huge tent-covered area is an "add-on" that they do to the Eagle each year for this event.

Once again, the Barn Dance was done late in the evening, was great fun, and was pretty much our "good night" dance. Another successful Stomp.
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