DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The party...

Robert and I got up at about 8:30, and MMMMMMMMMMMMmmed. :-) We went to Target, the ABC store, Wal-Mart, stopped at the Char-Grill for lunch, and then did grocery shopping at the Harris Teeter at Edward Mills and Duraleigh.

Back at the house, he helped me prep the veggies for the vegetable tray for the party. While doing that Jay and Jeff checked in, and told me they'd be bringing Jeff by after they went to Best Buy.

Jeff arrived around 2, I guess. Robert left shortly after that to go to the spa. Jeff and I chatted and caught up. I received "the sock," and after all that, it was a white one. Oh well.

We opened the bottle of Godiva White Chocolate liquor and had a toast.

The first guest arrived shortly after 7. Everyone came but Robert F. and Steve M. C.D. arrived fairly late. Will dropped by. The food went pretty well, we played catch phrase, which was tons of fun, and after the crowd thinned a little, we played The Poll Game. There was some drama around the "Have you slept with anyone in this room" question. There were some really interesting questions asked.

A few folks hung out fairly late, after midnight. At the end, Gregor "held court" entertaining everyone. I was his "straight man," if you can believe that.

After cleaning up just a little we all hit the sack. Robert and I talked, and then MMMMMMMMMMMMed, until 4AM.

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